Gender Differences in Body Evaluation: Do Men Show More Self-Serving Double Standards Than Women?

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So far, however, it is unclear whether these divergent body ratings arise from the application of double standards. Identity cues, such as faces, might activate different body schemata, which influence body ratings and thus lead to the application of double standards. Participants were instructed to rate their emotional reaction to the bodies according to valence and arousal, and to rate the bodies with respect to attractiveness, body fat, and muscle mass. Both women and men showed self-deprecating double standards in valence, body attractiveness, body fat and muscle mass for the overweight body. Men also revealed self-deprecating double standards for the thin, average-weight and hypermuscular bodies, but evaluated the athletic body as more attractive and with a higher positive feeling when it was presented with their own face. Women did not show any self-serving double standards and showed fewer self-deprecating double standards than men. The results indicate that men devalue non-ideal bodies and upvalue ideal bodies when they are self-related, whereas women more rate in a fair-minded manner. Thus, in contrast to women, an advantage for men may be that they are able to self-enhance in the case of desirable bodies. Introduction Body image research has mainly focused on women McCabe and Ricciardelli,as they are more dissatisfied with their own body and more likely to develop eating disorders compared to men Keski-Rahkonen and Mustelin, ; Karazsia et al.

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