Wife Spanking: Pleasure Or Punishment?

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Podcast: Play in new window Download Embed. Hundreds of couples have discovered the thrills of erotic spanking with our Erotic Spanking Mastery Course. Beyond the immediate benefits of thrilling sex, many find that there are unexpected benefits to their relationship. Your course on Erotic Spanking has worked wonders for my sex life. One unexpected thing that came from the course is that it has changed our marriage in many ways. She also used to challenge me on so many things; now, not so much.

Absolutely, there are a lot of femininity toys and sex games you be able to buy to enhance your sex animation. But you may be overlooking individual of the best aphrodisiac tools by your disposal: your rear end. The truth is, when it comes en route for exploring your sexual desires, erotic brand new is the best place to advantage. You can wade into the amalgamate of hedonistic bliss without diving diving into a frighteningly dark deep aim. Oh, and erotic spanking is additionally a proven method for increasing blood flow down under—and we all appreciate what that means.