Prince Albert's cruel notes to Queen Victoria shatter their mythic love story

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But when you get a penis piercing like the notorious Prince Albert piercingyour penis is the organ being penetrated. But for many body modification enthusiasts, the end results are worth it. Take the eccentric roadside zoo owner, Joe Exotic. In fact, he claims to sometimes add a padlock to the penis ring to give it additional weight.

They had often gotten away with it for years, and for those they harassed, it seemed as if the perpetrators would never pay any consequences. A few, including Mr. Weinstein, accept criminal charges. At least people came forward to say that one of these men subjected them to sexual misconduct. And nearly half of the men who have been replaced were succeeded by women.

At this juncture, three anonymous women and one dull man talk about nipple and genital piercings. Woman A: I have a clitoral hood piercing lengthways, not flat. Woman B: I have both of my nipples pierced. Woman C: A vertical clit hood piercing, which is a barbell placed through the diminutive piece of skin covering the clitoris. It's one of the most coarse female genital piercings. The piercing touches the clitoris and as such, enhances sensation.