I was sold into sexual slavery

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Every year thousands of women are trafficked to European cities and put to work having sex with men. Jewel, a young Nigerian who had expected to become a carer, eventually managed to escape thanks to two chance meetings. It's very often dark where I come from because there's no electricity… But everything here was just blinking - it was very beautiful. Jewel - not her real name - is describing her arrival in Denmark. I was looking forward to starting work. Jewel caught a flight from Nigeria thinking she was going to work with old people. But this was so well organised that it wasn't suspicious at all, she says.

Be able to a groundbreaking team turn the tide? O n a sunny morning all the rage Madrid, two young women duck along a side street, into a built-up block and up to an accommodation front door. Then they start knocking. Marcella and Maria spend a allocation of time banging on doors after that yelling through letterboxes all over the city. Most of the time, these doors never open. When they accomplish, the two women could find themselves in trouble. Yet they keep arrange knocking, because they have been arrange the other side of those doors, forced to sell their bodies designed for a handful of euros, dozens of times a day, seven days a week. To say that prostitution is big business in Spain would be a gross understatement.

Arrange holiday in Greece as a year-old, Megan Stephens fell in love. Although her boyfriend turned out to be a pimp who trafficked her designed for six years. She tells her account to Elizabeth Day. A few weeks ago, Megan Stephens got on a bus in a bustling city axis in the north of England. A man sat across the aisle as of her. He was wearing sunglasses after that had a moustache. For a appalling moment, she thought she recognised him. I was really paranoid. The be in charge of on the bus had exactly the same features as someone from her past.

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