5 Ways to Keep Your Business Going in Hard Times

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And companies reported a record-breaking high of Seeing all that talent walk out the door is challenging, but losing top workers is even harder — and happening more and more. And when good employees leave, productivity sinks, morale suffers, and colleagues struggle with increased workloads. But before you can implement a plan to increase employee retention, you need to determine why valuable employees are leaving. Here are the most common reasons top tech employees jump ship. Knowing whether an employee is disengaged requires paying attention to subtle signs, as it can be tricky to spot. Experts advise managers to study workers and ask themselves: Are they withdrawing from social activities?

We spend roughly half of our waking hours each week at work. The time, energy and, often, heart we put into earning a living is considerable. Plus, having a stable activity is crucial, especially in an ambiguous economy. While no job will always be perfect, sometimes it makes able sense to look for a additional position. Not sure if you're by a point where you should? All of these reasons is affected as a result of business or personal circumstances.