Male Multiple Orgasms: Is It Possible?

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As our modern world is getting tuned into the wonders of tantra and conscious sexuality practices, there are few concepts more alluring and awe-inspiring than the idea of having unlimited numbers of orgasms purely by tapping into one's energy system. When it comes down to mesmerizing tantric sex that blows the lid off of everything you've experienced before, it's all about the energy. Here's a full guide to how to have an energy orgasm with yourself and with a partner. Energy orgasm is a practice that can be explored with a partner or alone and involves the separation of the experience of orgasm from the stimulation required for physical climax. While you may only be able to physically climax a limited number of times in a certain session of sexual play for some people, only once or none at allpeople of all genders can learn to orgasm energetically many more times. You can also learn to orgasm even when there's no sexual contact happening, solely by tapping that generous river of pleasure that is right there waiting for you. The basic idea behind the energy orgasm is that we all have this potent stream of Eros within us, this sexual, creative, life force energy flowing and animating our being at all times.

The Generous Husband. What I want en route for do here is try to account for to men the sexual reality of most women 1. But if this is her current reality, you basic to understand that and adjust appropriately. There are many things that act into this, so stay with me here. So, putting it all all together, try to see the following at the same time as YOUR new sexual reality. From at once on, this is how sex is for you:.

Acquire Hard or Your Money Back. Advantage here. Multiple orgasms: women love them, men wish they could have them. Or maybe they are having them? Unlocking the secrets of the manly multiple orgasm could be considered a Raiders of the Lost Ark -level treasure hunt perhaps with similar consequences — who knows. But research arrange multiple orgasms is in its babyhood compared to fields of sexual drug like erectile dysfunction. To answer your first question and the question this article is addressing : yes, certainly you can. Men can, in actuality, have multiple orgasms.