Adventure Travel Tours for Women

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Learn more. We believe all women are capable of getting outdoors. Plunge into the stunning Ningaloo waters with turtles, snorkel the abundant reef and swim with Whale Sharks. A once in a lifetime adventure to camp, kayaking and experience the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef Coast. Sleep in a swag under billions of stars, hike over 80km, take a dip in a chilly gorge and immerse yourself in the culturally rich outback landscape.

Stories by women who are inspired as a result of time spent outside. Even though alone time in the outdoors is acceptable and valuable, spending time together be able to make a hike or backpack so as to much better. Unfortunately, it can air hard to find friends or build a community in adulthood. There are so many distractions, obligations, excuses, after that fears that prevent us from putting ourselves out there. This is almost certainly the least intimidating place to activate. Many of these groups have chapters throughout the United States:. What area clubs, teams, or groups exist so as to you might be interested in? Accomplish they host meet-ups or events? This could be something local, or it could be something you travel en route for.

J ournalist Nellie Bly jumped off the page at me as I was researching Victorian female travellers. One hundred and twenty five years later, I followed in her footsteps. We equally travelled alone with one small attache case. She went by ocean liner after that train. I flew.

Surveyor Chick is empowering women to animate their best lives. Through the collective experience of our kickass outdoor escapade travel tours! We provide exciting itineraries to global destinations, a supportive adventure-loving community, uncommon experiences, and our autograph SHE-nanigans. Discover your awaiting adventure go tour — from a local calendar day tour, a weekend road trip, before your next travel bucket list break of a lifetime. The best part? They handle all the details: as of food to accommodations to gear en route for extra words of encouragement when you need them most. Leaving the arrangement to us means freeing yourself en route for simply wander and enjoy the adjacent scenery. Join us!

Above the past few years women allow tipped the scales and have be converted into the majority of travelers in a number of categories. There are a few factors in play here. This increase is a reflection of a contingency of women traveling alone. Around are no best practices for accept this new majority, but operators who pay attention to the needs of the solo female traveler will apt see rewards when she speaks favorably about you to her cohort. Air via Flickr courtesy Terence Lim.