Killing the Female: The Psychology of the Hunt

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It turns out the same regions of the brain that are activated in the sex drive and orgasm are also activated by the compulsion to hunt and harvest animals. Renowned psychiatrist Dr. We have noted elsewhere the connection between strong emotional and sexual stimulation. Joel R. The feeling of power that hunting brings temporarily relieves this sexual uneasiness. Deer camp is an all-male world. They wear boots indoors, curse, play poker, drink from the bottle and eat from the can — and many never actually hunt at all, getting no closer to a deer than viewing a so-called stag video. When you go deer hunting, they start to look at you as a man and you feel like a man. Jackson and Norton found the 5-phase pattern after interviewing 1, licensed deer and water fowl hunters.

We have noted elsewhere the connection amid strong emotional and sexual stimulation. Joel R. The feeling of power so as to hunting brings temporarily relieves this sexual uneasiness. He was the only fully developed male of his family who had not bagged a big buck. Sipping a non-alcoholic beer in a active room packed with mounted heads after that a whole stuffed bear he afterwards regretted killing, Lynn seemed unperturbed as a result of his failure to kill a deer in the most recent hunting flavour. I love to go deer hunting. A construction worker with a above what be usual school education, Lynn was markedly add relaxed than he was three years earlier, when we first became acquainted, shortly before he shot what was was then his last buck. Lynn knew then that I did not hunt, never had, and was a lifelong vegetarian, but that was by no means an issue between us.

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