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Let's Talk About Sex. Why do you have sex? Experts at the University of Texas at Austin recently interviewed 2, people about their sex lives. The study found out that people have sex for different reasons, ranging from the very funny to the deeply serious, including: I wanted a jobI wanted to change the topic of conversationI was afraid my partner would have an affair if I didn't and I wanted to feel loved. We wanted to see for ourselves how attitudes about sex are constantly changing, so we hit the streets asking the same question. We got some surprising answers, including Winnie's. Winnie says she saw a gorgeous home, and she told her husband of 44 years about it that night. I don't care if it's all night,' she says. To find out what else is going on behind closed doors in America, we conducted our own sex survey on Oprah.

After that that a sex life is an important part of that quality of life. Patients have to deal along with accepting they have had cancer, amount image issues, fear of recurrence etc etc — you all know the drill. Instant menopause For young women like me and by young, I mean pre-menopausalwe are thrown into an instant, prolonged and severe menopause. I will never be the woman my husband married almost 5 years back. He now has a wife along with a numb, often painful fake breast with a brillo pad for beard who throws the covers off all the rage the night dripping in sweat.

Add ». WMC Women Under Siege investigates how sexualized violence is used at the same time as a weapon in conflict and afar. WMC Fbomb is an intersectional adolescent feminist media platform created by after that for socially conscious youth. WMC Ambience positions the people climate change affects the most — women and ancestor of color — front and center. WMC SheSource is an online database of media-experienced women experts who we connect to journalists, bookers and producers.

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