Great Expectations: When people you love disappoint you

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Disappointment in romance may spell the end of the affair. But it can also be the beginning of real love. Resentments accumulated between these two busy professionals. Everyday demands overwhelmed their earlier vision of married life: a dream of four or five decades of thriving careers interspersed with romantic evenings and weekends. From the beginning of courtship through the initial excitement of moving into one or the other's small apartment, from the wedding ceremony through the honeymoon, being newly in love tends to hide or at least blur two people's differences—particularly differences in needs for sex, for intimate time together, for autonomy and time apart, for planning and organization, for control over finances, for being with the children, and for freedom from parenting—in just about everything. The extraordinary experience of romantic love conveys the feeling that the two of us are as one.

They say that a beautiful relationship is all about the little things. After that we totally agree! Relationships need en route for be nurtured with utmost care. After that when you are dealing with a woman, you need to be above careful and sensitive. Often, from altogether the stories that we have heard and read, women complain that their respective partners no longer take the same interest in them as they did before. Does this sound accustomed to you? You can deny this for as long as you aspiration, but the fact is that men do change after a point all the rage relationships. Keeping a woman happy is not as difficult as it can seem like, Trust us when we say, it is very simple. Absence to know?

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