The Curvy Girl Club: Finding positive words to describe girls

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Jesus, Jes, I really really like this. If there's anything I can add, it would be that nobody likes how they look in photos - at first. It may take time, but the more you do it, the more you will come to look at your own body as a work of art. Like the abstract painting, you find new meaning and sensuality in the lines of your body; a photographer and I use the term loosely, anyone with a camera will do has captured you as a work of art, and you will come to appreciate your body as such. So many of my friends shy away from my camera because they say they don't like how they photograph, that it brings up their body issues. I want to take their picture because I think they're beautiful, and I just wish more of them would give me the chance to help them change their minds!! I've said it before, but the most powerful part of that Body Image s series is that I send nervous women the images of them mostly naked and doubled over

Why do men like curvy women? A good number men when asked are not impressed by those skinny models in magazines that we see as perfect? Accepted wisdom I was overweight and a allocation bigger than my friends. Truth is I was a size 10 along with a stomach that I would at once give my right arm for! After I had my son I gained about fifty pounds, and ok absolutely a bit has come off, although not all of it. The affair that also changed my mind a propos missing the skinny me was so as to men were still hitting on me. I was a little shocked a propos it all, but I finally got a male friend to fess ahead and tell me why he liked curves. Why do men like curvy women you ask?

Girls need to hear words that correctly describe them in a positive agile on a regular basis. Naturally, I said she was not fat. I said she just happened to allow lean friends, but not everyone all the rage the world was thin. I emphasized that there was nothing wrong along with being curvy, that many girls after that women are curvy, and that body curvy is something to be arrogant of, not anything to be embarrassed about. She sniffled, wiped away a couple of tears, and seemed intrigued by the idea. I rattled bad a few famous curvy women bad the top of my head.