Men Share the Most Confusing Texts Women Send Them

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Isn't it crazy that a Hey! Honestly guys, I don't blame you for reading into things. As a woman, I can vouch for the fact that our cryptic actions and messages can be just a little confusing. Also, texts in general are ironically hard to read. Without cues from in-person body language and voice inflection, each typed-out word, phrase, and punctuation mark that pops up on your iPhone screen holds so much weight. With all that in mind, I asked real-life men to spill the most stupefying texts that women have sent them. And for good measure, I've added some of my own professional female insight on each.

Acceptable, I am confused…I thought guys were totally into the text versus essentially talking on the phone. But around is one guy who I am interested in who seems to not fit that mold. He takes hours to answer a text message after we all KNOW that our phones are glued to our face. I told him it bothers me although he keeps doing it! What is the deal?

Noah and Allie. Chuck and Blair. Aggravate and Sally. What have they altogether taught us? And not just all the rage the movies. Saying I love you to someone IRL is an absurdly hard thing to do, especially after you're saying it for the at the outset time.

Budding good communication is important in relationships, and that's just as true after it comes to sex—which is why knowing how to describe what you want in bed is such a valuable skill. Piping up about a new turn-on, or wanting to aim new positionscan increase the intimacy amid the two of you—or even reawaken the spark when you and a longtime partner have plateaued in the bedroom. Sometimes, a fear they'll bash their partner's ego holds them ago, Tanner says. Often, they don't appreciate how to answer the question constant when they're asked, because they don't even know what they want. Accordingly it's important for people to appellation their communication barrier. No matter what's kept you from making a sexual request to your partner, you be able to definitely learn how to do it proudly.

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