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August 7, pm The to-bang-or-not-to-bang dilemma. But sex on a first date? No way. Or rather, in the name of journalistic integrity, not that I can remember. Sure, there are many smart, justifiable reasons to wait STDs, comfort zones, intimacy issues, etc. Experience has taught us women, more times than not, that sex-too-soon equals hungover regret, not long-lasting relationships. Are the chances of relationship survival really the same, legs open or closed?

At the outset Date Panter May 23, Views Her light skin tone was perfect, accordingly smooth and flawless After fifteen minutes of flirting and intense eye acquaintance, I finally decided to approach her. Now, I have to admit, I am a little surprised. An hour later, I receive a text as of her. She is texting me as of her car, on her way en route for a Redbox, and wanted to appreciate what I am doing later.