Social Media Safety Tips for Women and Girls

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As social networking and social media have grown, we've paid a price few saw coming: the loss of individual privacy. The impulse to share has caused many of us to inadvertently expose ourselves in ways that can compromise our safety and security. Although cyberstalking preceded the advent of social networking, social media does make it easier for a stalker or cyberstalker to locate and track a potential victim's every move. Innocuous personal tidbits collected over weeks, months and even years often add up to a whole picture of who you are, where you work, live and socialize, and what your habits are -- all valuable information to a stalker. Don't think this can happen to you? Then you should know that according to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 6 women will be stalked in her lifetime.

The Brownie planning guide is an online resource to help Brownie troops absolute Journeys and badges. This guide includes many of the badge and bestow options for Girl Scout Brownies at the same time as well as downloadable activity plans. Journeys consist of three activity plans after that badges consist of one or two activity plans. Also see our add resources for completing journeys and badges. Help Brownies learn about themselves after that the diverse world around them at the same time as they explore the world of storytelling. Brownies will gain an understanding of the large and far-reaching world of girls, and will discover what they can do to make that earth even better.

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In respect of differences and creating experiences that are welcoming to each and every child is an important part of Child Scouts. Volunteers like you play the largest and most important role all the rage ensuring that all girls feel anodyne, welcome, and valued in Girl Scouts. A safe space can mean everything from a place free of hazards, to an emotionally safe place anywhere girls feel comfortable being themselves after that expressing their feelings, to establishing an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion anywhere they feel like they belong. Creating a safe place for girls is critical to the success of all girl in your troop. Here are 12 tips to ensure your company environment is a safe space designed for girls:.