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Why Choose Us? Our Explorer Chicks Explorer Chicks are fierce, strong women who expect to return home from adventure tours with a few scrapes and bruises along with revived gratitude for life. Together, we are community of supportive women drawn together by challenging adventure. We are real women who want to embark on real adventures. Our Adventures We look at an adventure travel destination through the eyes of our eight-year-old daring selves. We think, What is the most fun and immersive way to play in this location? The result is BOLD travel that is proudly not mainstream, but challenging, empowering, and life changing. Our Team Give Explorer Chicks what they never dreamed possible. We are your Explorer Chick Advocate with your experience in mind—from the spark of an idea to adventure tour curation with personal service and inevitable SHE-nanigans.

Be your brightest, boldest self. Making friends, testing her strengths, exploring new possibilities. Whether teaming up with others before learning to shine on their accept, Girl Scouts have the tools after that community support they need to accomplish something. Press play with Girl Scouts. Anywhere she can be herself and her confidence can soar. The Animal Ball Party is a place for girls to have fun, meet new friends and learn about Girl Scouts. Afterwards the dance party ends the girls are encouraged to work on a fun, independent activity. During this age grown-ups are invited to join us for a quick overview of Child Scouts and everything we have en route for offer! Although designed for new members, current Girl Scouts are welcome en route for attend and encouraged to invite a new to Girl Scouts friend!

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