When your submissive says ‘no’

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I miss it. How do I find such a person? I can help! This is actually a complicated question… maybe even more complicated than you realize. You mention that you miss it, so you are experienced in BDSM. Are you interested in being tied up or otherwise restrained bondage?

A blog post by Die Starke Frau prompted me to write this answer because I see in her character a struggle that a lot of new Dommes have: What do you do when your submissive disobeys? Individual thing that definitely throws me bad balance is when the man is refusing to submit. When I acquire an idea of what to accomplish with him and how to fuck with his mind, and if after that, out of the blue, the be in charge of does not obey. Note: I am not talking about playful disobedience at this juncture. I am talking about a acute refusal. No joking around, no amusement. This is not hot to me. Both of those things can be true simultaneously, and this writing is about addressing that problem. When I talk to a potential submissive, our discussion is wide ranging and byroad.

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