I Was Made For You. Finding My Soul Mate

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He has no markings on his skin, no voices in his head, but then one day he meets Emma Swan and everything changes. Then again, that could simply be his desire talking. After all, for every word she speaks, he becomes aroused. And thank you to kmomof4 and everyone at cssns for running this event. This might be the least supernatural story you guys have, but I truly appreciate this event for giving me the opportunity to write this one! Found on AO3: Beginning Current.

It was like a heartbeat I by no means knew I had. I cannot effectively express the force of raw adoration jolting through my eleven-year-old veins. Although, for the first time, I knew why I was on Earth: en route for marry this man. He would be the poetic justice to my cheerless and shitty life. I stayed ashore for everything my weird stepdad could dream up— leaving a light arrange, running too much bath water, consumption too many potato chips, not shutting the broken door all the approach and mostly my report card. Cost so much time in solitude— I survived in my imagination, and it now swirled around one fantasy—Richard Lewis Springthorpe, III. It seemed like I dreamed him into being, like he was born on the pages of my diary. I bought all his cassettes, and his music made me feel less alone during the loneliest years of my life.

My forehead was pressed against the access as I said a prayer en route for not faint. His hand was knocking on the other side of the door. My face was flush along with fear and my heart was beat. He texted me. His bones were like a magnet to my blood. As I buried my face addicted to his chest, tears filled my eyes… I knew it was him. At this juncture we are again, together, soulmates.

Account from Wellness. I found this couplet by Nayyirah Waheed and it got me thinking about soulmates. Really accepted wisdom about soulmates, making my brain ache with heated conversations and arguments arrange the topic, scrutinising poems and replaying rap lyrics in my head. At first I thought the word soulmate was cringe — cheesy semantics from a bygone era of dream catchers after that buddha beads — but when I started speaking to friends, I realised the term still rings true designed for a lot of people. The aim of an overarching and powerful acquaintance with one person is rare after that treasured; it's reassuring for our souls. Do we all get a soulmate? And are we then tied forever?