My Girlfriend Has Incredibly Strict Rules for How We Have Sex

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Hi, I'm a 25 year old man with some issues with my girlfriend. I'm posting here because I don't know if I'm crazy or if my girlfriend is. Or maybe we both are. I'm a deployed vet of and before then I was single for roughly two years and had not had sex in that long until January when I met my current girlfriend. We used to have sex so often it was great. I started working my old job that I had before I deployed and even as hard as it was I always made time for sex. I know that in some people they become too tired from work to have sex but I'm not one of those people.

Those first several months of a additional relationship are bliss: You can't adhere to your hands off each other. You're having sex once, twice, three times a day. You're having crazy femininity, public sex, porno sex, hair-pulling femininity. It's orgasm after orgasm and your brain is oozing those endorphins so as to make you feel in love after that utterly alive.

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