Ghost Stories of The Hotel Colorado

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Save this Save this for later. Of all the eerie places around the world —and there are a lot—there's something extra spooky about haunted hotels. Maybe it's the influence of so many movies and TV showsbut things going bump in the night seem to be even, er, bumpier in a hall packed with sleeping strangers. Having said that, those same haunted hotels can also be extremely luxurious, with more than just urban legends to get your heart thumping. Whether they're castles in Ireland or top resorts from our Readers' Choice Awardscheck out these hotels that all have a little This gallery was last updated in October

The Holly Hotel been referred to at the same time as the most haunted historic building all the rage Michigan, and perhaps the most anxious in America. The haunting and alien happenings have been observed by a lot of people, from employees to guests. Actual few of these can be by a long chalk discounted. Below you can find add information about the supernatural happenings so as to frequent the Holly Hotel. Have a look, and see if you accept as true The Fires: Two tragic fires consumed the Holly Hotel. The first animate, on January 19, was followed as a result of the second fire, exactly sixty-five years apart to the day and en route for the hour!

Earlier in its life, the Otesaga Alternative was a school for girls all the rage the wintertime, and to this calendar day, the giggling of a gaggle of girls still echoes through the 3rd floor hallway, when no children are checked into the hotel. Warning: They may be laughing at you, although they are young girls, after altogether, so don't take it personally. The adults, however, do want you en route for take it personally—people have reported audible range their name called, entirely out of nowhere. Tip: SyFy's Ghost Hunters investigated the property several years back after that, through the miracle of modern equipment, confirmed the presence of shadowy figures, ghost whisperings, things that go accident in the night, the works. Rooms on the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th floors were deemed to be hotspots for haunting mischief. Case closed? Nope—it's actually just been opened for you. Since that tragic day in the early s she's wandered the 14th floor aimlessly, stopping guests and employees to ask for the time, hoping that she'll catch the hour after her groom-to-be is supposed to appear back to her—and that this age around he'll be there.