If You’re Trying to Conceive Using the Right Lube Is Key

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In addition to using the right lubricant, Richardson suggests keeping the following in mind when trying to become pregnant: 1. Take prenatal vitamins Richardson suggests taking prenatal vitamins three months before you start trying to conceive. The Mayo Clinic notes that women of reproductive age should take prenatal vitamins regularly. The vitamins can help ensure that your body gets enough vitamins and minerals to create a healthy environment for a growing fetus should you become pregnant. For instance, compared to multivitamins, prenatal vitamins tend to include more folic acid, which helps prevent neural tube defects. They also contain more iron, which supports the growth and development of a baby. To ensure you understand which days you should be having sex, she recommends using an ovulation kit or app. Jane Oh, an OB-GYN in Illinois, notes that determining when you ovulate can also help with comfort during sex because around the time of ovulation, the vagina produces a lot more discharge than other times of the month. The tail of the sperm is made almost entirely of long-chain omega-3 fats.

Mackenzie et al, Sylk water-based In individual study, Sylk significantly reduced the add up to of live sperm in the semen sample, as well as sperm motility. Mowat et al, Baby oil All the rage one study, baby oil had denial significant impact on sperm motility. All the rage several others, it had a actual small impact on sperm motility, although did have an impact on the percentage of live sperm in the sample. Anderson et al, ; Sandhu et al, ; Mowat et al, Olive oil Olive oil significantly abridged sperm motility. Anderson et al, Canola oil In one study, canola grease had no detrimental effects on sperm. Anderson et al, In general, it appears that oil-based lubricants have the least impact on sperm motility after that vitality.

Arrange of. They certainly can't be careful sperm-friendly. While you can't use them to prevent pregnancy you'd need spermicide for thatthey are not a able choice when you're trying to acquire pregnant. The effect lubricants may allow on fertility is especially relevant en route for couples trying to conceive. Difficulty along with vaginal dryness is twice as coarse in trying-to-conceive couples than in the general population. Also, problems with vaginal dryness tend to increase the longer a couple is seeking to acquire pregnant.