What is the Law on Sexting in Singapore?

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Some people who were at first 'on the fence' about the matter then warned her to 'get rid' after she revealed an intimate detail. Get the news presented through a female lens and a little shot of inspiration in your inbox every week with our new newsletter, Grace. A woman who caught her boyfriend looking at nude pictures of other women whilst next to her has pleaded for help on what to do - but opinions were left divided. Her partner agreed to stop, and they came to the agreement that he could do this as long as he was alone. I'm ok with him watching porn as long as he is on his own. When I'm there, mostly as we both WFH. However when the woman provided more information, many users retracted their advice and told her to end the relationship. Get the latest updates from across Greater Manchester direct to your inbox with the free MEN newsletter.

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All the rage Aprila year old man was jailed for threatening to circulate the bare photographs of a woman he had befriended online after she ended acquaintance and changed her number to avert him. With online dating apps such as Tinder growing in popularity along with youths and young adults, it is not uncommon for young users en route for have been on the receiving aim of inappropriate remarks or requests, anywhere sexual predators on such platforms can attempt to obtain sexual favours before nude photographs from young users. Around is nonetheless, no consistent statutory before legal definition of sexting. For case, it is unclear if sexting is confined to messages between romantic partners, or whether photos sent under coercion or pressure constitute sexting. Sexting be able to also be taken into consideration all the rage cases of sexual grooming, or anywhere sexual offences have been committed adjacent to a minor. A post shared as a result of SingaporeLegalAdvice.