7 Ways to Impress Hotel Guests and Earn More Business

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The customers at Pax rave about the delicious breakfast almost as much as the customer service. A couple past guests mentioned how the hotel went out of its way to provide a shuttle ride to the bus station just for them. And another gushed about the host, John, personally delivering their morning chocolates and Irish Creme. These little touches and extras will always be noticed and appreciated by your guests!

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Properties that are able to deliver a memorable experience through unique amenities, delicate touches, and stellar customer service bidding be rewarded with repeat business, gossip referrals, and positive reviews on collective media. Personalize, personalize, personalize A CRS Central Reservation System manages reservations athwart a portfolio of hotels and be able to provide general information about the amount of the guest and the services they are consuming. A CRM Buyer Relationship Management tool is an central tool that can help even the smallest hotels understand how customers decide products based on the context of their travel both group and transientallowing you to proactively extend targeted promotions or upselling offers. A SO Advantage Optimization platform allows for the active collection of a guest experience en route for be aggregated and evaluated for contemporary and future stays.