Jane Austen on Men Who Refuse to Hear No

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Two centuries ago, Jane Austen published a passage in her masterpiece Pride after that Prejudice that fits almost seamlessly addicted to the ongoing debate about sexual background, consent, women saying no, and men who proceed as if they don't mean it, even though the background is courting culture as opposed en route for hookup culture. Collins, asks permission en route for speak alone with Elizabeth Bennet, a request that the young woman's care for quickly grants. Collins must excuse me. He can have nothing to about to me that anybody need not hear. She departs nonetheless, and Mr. Collins comes to his purpose, as soon as raising the notion that Elizabeth's bashfulness to be alone only increases his esteem for her:. You can almost not doubt the purport of my address, however your natural delicacy may advance you to dissemble; my attentions allow been too marked to be erroneous.

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